Service de guide officiel-certifié

The Mexican Ministry of tourism has certified all of our tour guides. The license provided by the Ministry validates and authorizes our tour guides to interpret and share professional opinions inside archeological, historical and cultural Mexican sites.

Our tour guides are constantly updated with professional knowledge from experts in the fields of Mayan Civilization, such as: epigraphers, (a unique professional interpretation or reading of a Mayan relic both in image and language ) archeologist, etc.. We make it our priority to offer the most accurate and recent information to our clients within the following fields:

  • Archeology
  • Mayan Epigraphy
  • Mexican History
  • General History
  • Art History
  • General knowledge
  • Mexican Art
  • Touristic geography
  • Touristic legislation

Our experiential learning tours offers a deeper real-world experience that allows reflection about your Mayan experience. Our focus on each tour is based on the learning process:

  • Experiencing ( an activity occurs such as: meeting a Mayan family).
  • Sharing ( reactions, observations and moments about the activity such as: making a Mayan traditional dish)
  • Analyzing or processing ( patterns and dynamics are determined such as: comparing living standards)
  • Inferring or generalizing ( principles are derived , such as: why are Mayan Kitchens built a particular way)
  • Applying ( plans are made to use learning in new situations such as: Mayan families built homes with natural resources that can be seen in todays modern homes.

Now you can see the value and importance of having a certified tour guide vs going alone or with a non certified tour guide/tour leader. A non certified tour guide is just a job without knowledge , expertise or passion about the Mayan culture. Our Professional guides are aware of the timing for each event or activity and make sure children are enjoying and engaged in all the activities.


We tend to believe that the Mayan Culture have disappeared with their temples in one night. This belief is far from the truth! Mayan people have survived through the centuries and preserved their special customs and traditions. They are known to be the second most important native group in Mexico. The Mayan people presently can be seen throughout the whole Yucatan Peninsula, the South Part of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and the Salvador. Playa del Carmen is in the heart of the Mayan Riviera where the Mayan people decided to settle. Many communities are only 20 minutes to an hour away from Playa del Carmen. This allows us to discover and witness their adaptation and adjustment to the tourism industry.

With almost a decade of experience we have travelled in the deep parts of the jungle to connect, understand and build an intimate and wonderful relationship with the Mayan communities. This journey started off with facing a wall of cultural differences , with the lack of respect or knowledge of their culture created various tensions. Little by little a true understanding of their values ,respect of their cultural traditions and life style began to happen. Nowadays we have created a strong and true friendship throughout the years. We are now invited on a daily basis to their family events such as: weddings, baptisms, school graduations and many more. We feel blessed be perceived as one of their community members. Now we are able to give back and provide various community projects with the resources, tools and staff to help children and families. And you can be part of it!

Example of a Community Project:

Recently we have organized a drawing contest inside the Mayan Community of Coba for the children ages 6 to 11 years old. The theme was “Draw Me a Dream”. A total of 160 children participated in the contest and the top 40 drawings were sent to France to be exposed inside a primary school of Paris. Our First, Second and Third prized winners received a bicycle and the rest of our wonderful artists received educational materials donated by a private organization.

Thanks to all those years of true friendship, Mayan families are extremely opened with us and for them “the friends of my friends are my friends”. This is to say that through one of our excursion you will be welcome and experience special moments among them.