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excursions au Mexique: Tourisme Responsable

excursions au Mexique: Coba -Tourisme Responsable


An unforgettable day that takes you beyond the experience of just Coba. You will explore COBA’S archeological site; take a dip in a magnificent cenote (sink hole), visit a “tortillería” a Mayan bakery that makes famous Mexican corn crepes called “tortillas” and observe and enjoy the local wildlife : spider monkeys, white tail deers, wild boars, birds, snakes, etc.

There was a time when The Maya thought the universe was divided in three levels. Below is the Mayan´s Worldview:

  • The Under World- “Xibalba”
  • The Upper World- The Sky
  • The Middle World or the Earth – The Middle World is known as two forces that join together ( Upper and Under world ) where by the philosophy of Dualism exists, this means the Mayan way of living is based on the balance and harmony of both the spiritual and physical realms. This practice is the Mayans daily ritual.

This tour invites you into the journey of the Mayans Worldview, we take you through the three levels above.


You will visit one of the most beautiful cenote of the Mayan Riviera . This special cenote is located in an ecological park which is accredited and recognized by the “National Geographic Society”. Upon your arrival, you will be greeted by professional ecotour guides. The tour guides are knowledgeable of the area and they will provide you with all the necessary snorkel equipment and comfortable life vests. After you are suited up, you will take a quick shower which is mandatory to be sure your body is free of any chemicals or creams before entering a fresh water cenote.

After the showers, together as a group we will climb down a few steps to enter the Under World or “Xibalba”with our ecotour guide and certified guide. The ecotour guide will swim along with us for about 15 minutes to explain the following topics: the geological formation of the natural caves , the wildlife that exist in the caves and the behavior of the underground water currents. Before we finish this activity you will have some free time on your own to explore the caves and discover your own treasures, take pictures and enjoy the natural beauty. Feel Free to take your time and even practice a bit of meditation, drink in the silence and peace that Mother Nature offers. Our certified guide is available to take pictures of you and your family while swimming in the cenote. Our guide will use your camera( safe and secure), this is a bonus and costs nothing. You will receive special photos, guaranteed candid moments that will be captured forever!

The Positive Qualities of the Under World:

The facilities are outstanding and environmentally friendly. The Cenote is suitable for the public and even attracts people that may have claustrophobic tendencies because the cenote although located in the caves illuminates natural light and space. Not much of a swimmer or lack experience, no worries , our guides will watch over you the entire time and our equipment will ensure that you are safe in the water. If you don´t feel like taking a swim, you can explore the cave on foot by following an easy trail next to the water. Our guides will be happy to take you on a walking tour of the cave.


We have the permission to walk through the ecological park and observe closely the wildlife living on the reserve. You will see many spider monkeys, boars, deers, parrots and other special local animals that are protected and taken care of. Some of the exotic animals were owned as pets and were maltreated by their owners and illegally kept in captivity; however, the park rescued these animals and now they are safe, healthy and kept in a natural controlled environment. Some animals will permanently remain in the ecological park forever while others will be released after completing a program that integrates them back into the wilderness.

The Positive Qualities of the Middle World:

The opportunity to see and take pictures of wild animals in a safe and responsible environment is guaranteed!

The tour includes a delicious lunch in a local restaurant located in the town of Coba. Your official certified guide will provide transport through the local community of Coba. You will receive a narration in the comfort of your air-conditioned van about the different neighborhoods in Coba. This little Mayan town showcases some important buildings such as: religious temples, the health center, the cultural center and local Mayan schools. We will stop and enjoy one of the most popular and tasty treats of Coba at the ¨Tortilleria¨. You will not only have a chance to perhaps mingle with the local people, but you will also taste the fantastic Mexican corn crepes, which is similar to your everyday bread. If we are lucky we may even get to eat a hot batch of crepes right out of the oven!!


After our delicious meal, we are off to visit the archeological site of Coba. From the start of your day, you have been learning about how the Mayan civilization existed before the arrival of the Spanarids and what happened after the conquest to how the Mayan people live today. You have experienced some traditions and hands on activities and now we will go back into time to the 19th century. Our knowledgable tour guide will take you on a journey when the first explores arrived to the Penisula of Yucatan to discover or re-discover an unknown world: Mystery of the Maya.

We will walk through the jungle and visit several ancient buildings. You will see ball courts, religious temples, Estelas ( stone carved monoliths with ancient writings and images) and much more. We may even along our journey bump into some surprise visitors such the colorful wild turkey and or the elusive grey fox.

You will find the highest Mayan temple of the Yucatan Peninsula located here in Coba. The temple is 42 meters or 138 feet tall with 120 steps that you still can climb in order to admire the greatness of the low jungle.

The Postive Qualities of the Upper World:

We make sure to arrive in Coba in the afternoon to avoid the crowds of tourists which ensures a more calm and quiet experience for our small groups tours. The afternoon sun is in the best position for taking pictures of the monumental buildings.

From the entrance to the the highest temple is 2km or almost a mile away. You can either walk which is enjoyable in the afternoon, or bike. We recommend using the local transport from the entrance if you have small children or if you have difficulty walking. The taxi can accommodate up to 2 adults and one small child. Taxis are very comfortable and the drivers are hospitable.

You are not required to climb the temple. If you decide to relax once you arrive at the temple, you can sit in one of the wooden benches in the shade. There is a small story near by to purchase snacks or drinks while you wait for your group to return.

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