Sian Ka’an – Tulum

Our trip to Sian Ka´an the Mayan´s Biosphere and Tulum includes a boat ride and a dip in the fresh water of SIAN KA’AN. We will share quality time with a Mayan family in their home; enjoy a great meal in Tulum on the beach and finish our tour with a fantastic visit to the archeological site of Tulum. A fairytale experience may be what the doctor orders for your next vacation. Why not consider a magical and inspirational adventure at the Maya land of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Enjoy the experience trough the three activities listed:


Located at the Oriental coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, this reserve is a UNESCO’s Natural Patrimony of Humanity since 1986 through their program “Mankind at his biosphere”. In Mayan language, Sian Ka’an can be translated as “Heaven’s door” or “The Place where the Sky was born”. Its name calls up spectacular landscapes that everybody loves. There are laws to enter into this reserve, and the access has being limited to tourists on a daily basis.

We will board a small boat that is the property of the host village’s co-op and cross the fresh water lagoons and water canals. Some of the canals were built by the ancient Mayan to improve maritime trade after the 800DC. The blue turquoise fresh water among the green “peten” jungle islets will make you think for a moment that you are in Bora Bora, Tahiti. A splash of water will remind you that you are in Mexico enjoying another bit of paradise deep down in the Mayan Riviera.

The Skipper docks near a small Mayan temple which is lost in the middle of a tropical savannah. We have the chance to dip into the water and feel the soft crystal current take us on a journey through the local vegetation. We will see: bromelias, orchids, mangrove and we may even get a glimpse of either the heron or egret flying above us.

Positive Qualities of our visit to the Sian Ka´an:

  • The driveway to the reserve is of easy access, only 5 minutes away from the freeway.
  • Travel time is far less to this part of the Sian Kaán , allowing less time in the vehicle and more time for us to enjoy activities.
  • The children as young as toddlers will be sure to have a fun time splashing and enjoying the water.


We have recognized that this activity truly is one of our favorites where we have the chance to share our hearts and souls to the local people, a special part of our day. You will be welcomed into the home of a Mayan family. For many years the Mayan families in the community of Muyil lived without electricity; however, recently the government has started the transition to electricity for all community members of Muyil. You will get a first hand perspective of the lifestyle of this very special and hospitable ethnic group. You will learn how the Mayan people live in the Peninsula of Yucatan. Find out if they are happy, or their views about 2012 doomsday. A great opportunity to debate and discuss the way of life.


Let’s say no more! You just need to know it will be on the beach in an area away from mass tourism. The restaurant is very close to the famous beach of South Tulum. Everything on the menu is delicious.


After an excellent lunch and a nice walk on the beach, it is time to visit this rare pearl. The white, fine sand that is washed by the unique blue turquoise Mexican Caribbean sea is the majestic ceremonial center of Tulum. This ancient city was still inhabited when the Spaniards arrived to the Peninsula of Yucatan in 1518. That was not the case for cities like Chichen Itza, Coba or Ek Balam which were abandoned centuries ago. Juan de Grijalva, a Spanish explorer and Conquistador compared the size of Tulum with beautiful Sevilla Spain! Nowadays, the archeological site shows the ceremonial center and a religious residential area surrounded by 3 walls. Of course this is the highlight of the visit to see a panoramic view of the Mexican Caribbean paradise. The best spot for pictures and to drink in the incredible beauty of the Caribbean sea.

Positive Qualities of Tulum:

Our visit to Tulum is in the afternoon to avoid mass tourism and of people taking their necessary “souvenir” photo( been there, done that picture). The afternoons provide a more comfortable experience with less heat and the sea breeze is strong and cooling. Your official guide will walk with us and share his knowledge about the site. The location of the sun at this time of day is perfect for photography. You pictures will have a better quality and will be sure to capture your experience.

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