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Playa Del Carmen

Univers Maya, A unique tour agency from Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

We provide a magical journey into the Mayan culture, through personalized EXCURSIONS OF THE BEST QUALITY
We guarantee an experience that will last a lifetime.

Why Univers Maya ?

Why Univers Maya? Univers represents an experience that goes beyond a typical tour. Our tours offer first- hand adventures into the lives of the Mayan culture and people. We connect with the people and participate in their daily lives. Our tours cover all of the Yucatan Peninsula. The opportunity to travel back in time, will enlighten our clients with a once in a life time encounter. These experiences will open your mind to understanding a powerful indigenous culture that has survived and maintained their traditions, customs and language over thousands of years.

Many believe that the Mayan civilization no longer exists today . This is not true. Their stories are not just written in the historical ruins of the past, on the contrary, Mayan traditions have a very strong presence today all across South-East Mexico, Guatemala, Salvador, Belize and Honduras.

Don´t worry our excursions are not based on long boring lectures about the Mayan Culture. We are driven by our passion and wonderful connection to this culture. We customize our tours to offer a more personalized, exciting and diverse adventure . We create unique and thematic excursions. Our theme covers: cutlure, nature and history. Our tours stimulate the senses allowing our clients to experience the history behind the scenes, which is experiential learning, This type of learning experience offers clients an authentic connection and understanding to discovering the Mayan culture.

Our tours are family friendly , all ages from young to old will be delighted and engaged. We are are together the whole day and participate in the daily activities with you. We do not leave your side.

Remember the Universe is vast and magical

Join us, experience the MAYAN CULTURE and feel the